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Thank you so much for joining me here. I’m excited to be on this journey with you. I’m working on a new website so that I can bring you the full World of JP Kim experience. This will include online classes, art, home decor and accessories, plus program and coaching opportunities. This will be an online alter for you to Tune into Who You Are, Rebirth Your Creative Self, and Create Your World! Add your email below so I can let you know when this cosmic internet space goes live. Gifts to celebrate will be included! xoxo

Starting with an inquiry, a word, or simply a feeling, these watercolor meditations lead me to the world between worlds where intuition heightens as it is practiced, often revealing much needed insights. This is yoga for the mind, where the analytical left brain is quietened and the creative right brain stretches and unwinds.

An icon is a statue or painting of a person or holy figure adored, honored or revered. It is an object that brings ones closer to their own spiritual grace, whether that be nature, the universe, God, or One. I have a hypothesis that those objects that are most effective absorb, or somehow facilitate the energy of those that have sat with it. This idea came to me after painting the Kuan Yin statue that sat in the meditation pool of Harbin Hot Springs. The painting was made one night after midnight in the dark. I could sense the energetic richness of the statue in colors that I wasn’t even able to see. This experience leads me to paint others as the opportunities arise.

It is said that when one spends time with Mother Nature, the mind and body are given renewed vigor for living. For me, being in the outdoors affords me opportunities for altered states of perception. The fresh ocean breezes, the oxygen-rich air of the forest, the added ability to open ones heart when the sky is bathed in indigo, that you can’t possibly look where you’re going. These are times where my paints and brushes know beyond knowledge and I truly feel awake. These are my En Plein Air images, done in the moment, without forethought, but with the intent to share that everlasting moment.

I see energy and capture moments. It is a person’s essence in joy, contemplation or passion that grabs me and is captured in my Windows of the Soul. I don’t believe in a still life, so no one will be made to have one in order to be painted.

Just as the delicious smell of cookies can evoke memories of home or childhood, my Vignettes are brief accounts that will tickle something sweet in your memory.

The Art of Consciousness examines how consciousness emerges from the operations of the brain. The mind is allowed to wonder and play and there is a discourse between the painting and me, the painter. The canvas or page acts as a portal to the yet unknown or a reminder of that which is most important and held dear. Symbols, sacred geometry, and travel through space and time, sometimes to other worlds, are all possible here.

ConsciousArts is an education portal open for exploring consciousness. ConsciousArts = Creativity + Self Awareness

I want to live in a world where Consciousness Spreads Like Wildfire burning up the stories penned by another, where Being Alive means Being Awake and sharing the gifts that only you have access to, where One's Dreams of Peace, Love and Tranquility are The Reality.

[Exploring your creative path is] actually the underpinnings of every bit of our true development and evolution, because it builds synaptic junctions, which bring together your neurons and makes whole paths and whole pictures of who you’re going to be.

Sue Hoya Sellars carried the message of Intentional Creativity from New Deal artist, Lenore Thomas Strauss, through her practice and tutelage

Legends Are Made Of This

Acrylic on canvas. JP Kim

We create our lives. This world view is something I've held as long as I can remember.

As I've dreamed dreams and lived dreams, I've sometimes gotten into places where I feel stuck or confused. I’ve always gotten out of those sticky places by following